219 Sports

- Parents/Guardians -

We know you are handing over your most precious possession..

All members of the team at 219 Sports are former student athletes, meaning we had first-hand experience of the impact our personal moves had on our parents. This move is just as impactful for the parents/guardians as it is the student athlete. So, we offer as much support and guidance to each parent as we do our athletes. Answering all your questions, handling any worries you may have, or just being someone to talk to.

We know each student athlete is different and have their own expectations and needs from a sports scholarship, whether this be their academic desires, athletic ambitions, or financial needs. Therefore, during our introduction stage, we like to get to know both the student athlete and their parents/guardians to help make the placement as seamless as possible. When the athlete begins to receive scholarship offers, we will assist and give advice when comparing the different interested universities, and sports programs. Upon accepting a scholarship offer, we then assist with admissions into university, student visa applications, and making sure the athlete has everything prepared before they step foot onto the flight. Something we hold in the highest regard is the mentorship programme that we offer to our athletes, being here throughout their full university career. Being a point of call for questions, queries or to just tell us how well they are doing, we are by your side throughout the whole time.