219 Sports



Bespoke Athletic & Academic Profile

– Individually built profile that is accessible to our full network of coaches, which includes highlight video, full athletic profile and all academic background aspects including your SAT score.

GPA Calculation

SAT Prep & Support

– Assisting you with booking and taking the SAT test.

NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA Eligibility Guidance & Support

– Step by step guidance on the eligibility process.

Advice & Guidance upon Receiving Scholarship Offers

– Extra university information, advice and brokering of the scholarship deal.

University Application & Admissions Support

– Helping you to prepare an application for each college/university.

Student Visa

– Step by step guide on applying for your Visa.

Individualised Training Programme

– 8-week specialised training programme designed to enable you to hit the ground running stateside.

Support whilst on Scholarship

– Communication and support whilst at college/university.


Everything included in Gold

219 Sports to cover SAT costs

– We will cover the cost of your first SAT.

219 Sports to cover visa application costs

– We will cover the cost of submitting your visa application.

219 Sports to cover NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA Eligibility Centre Costs

– We will cover the cost to register with the governing bodies.

219 Sports will Book and cover costs for your 1st Return Flight

– Working with your college/university we will book the flights in accordance with your USA scholarship time demands, ensuring you arrive and depart on time.

Full mentorship program throughout time at university

– This includes; regular athletic & academic evaluations, university transfer help, post-graduation support and career guidance, including extra visa applications.