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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone working at 219 Sports has been through the whole process so has in depth knowledge and personal experiences of going to the states. We offer a personal service where our clients are not just a number.

A full scholarship which will also be called ‘100% scholarship’ will cover the full cost of tuition, room, board, books, and any sports related equipment.
A scholarship will not include travel to and from the university (Flights, Transfers etc) alongside any other social activities you may participate in.
Yes, this depends on your SAT results and your previous school results in the classroom. If you don’t receive a full athletic scholarship, then the academic scholarships can be used to make up some of the remaining tuition fees.
This is a question that is difficult to answer, this will depend on the student athletes academic and athletic abilities. This will come from your SAT results, school history, athletic past, and profile that we build from the above. It also depends on the university’s budget, coach perception of the individual and timing. The head coach will be the person with the ultimate decision on who receives what percentage scholarship.
Each Athletic scholarship is on a year-to-year basis, each university will award you with one year of financial aid. At the end of each School year the scholarships will be renewed with the coach and the rest of the athletic department, provided that you remain eligible throughout. Each individual is allowed to be on an athletic scholarship for up to five years. Coaches have the ability to adjust the amount of scholarship awarded each year, this will depend on the performance, attitude, and overall impact the athlete has on the program. To stay eligible for your scholarship it isn’t just about your field performance, each Student- Athlete will need to make sure they are up to date with all of their classroom work and staying on target to achieve their degree at the end of their college career.
The remaining amount would be the responsibility of the student athlete and his/her family to cover the cost of tuition to attend University.
It is highly likely that at some point throughout your college career you will have to pay some amount to cover tuition, room, board, books, and any sports related equipment. To determine this amount is impossible without knowing the athletic and academic capabilities of the student-athlete. Please speak with a member of our team for more information.
The NCAA stands for ‘National Collegiate Athletic Association’. They are the organization that is responsible for overseeing the college sports competitions at over 1,200 college athletic departments.
This is the highest level of competition at the college level, consisting mostly of the biggest schools with the largest budgets. E.g., UCLA, University of Oregon, West Virginia University.
This is the second level of competition at the college level. You find that the best teams and athletes in NCAA Division II are comparable to those in NCAA Division I but they have personally chosen a NCAA Division II school as a better fit for them individually. E.g., University of Charleston, Lynn University, Cal State LA.
This is the third level of athletic competition within the collegiate level. NCAA division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships, but they do offer other forms of scholarships and financial aid. E.g., Calvin University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Gettysburg College.
The NAIA stands for ‘National Association of intercollegiate Athletics’. The NAIA is a college athletics association mostly for small colleges. The NAIA consists of around 250 members.
No, we are in no way sports agents, this is against the NCAA rules, please (see NCAA Rule 12.3.1 ‘Use of Agents’).